About Us

About Us

We welcome any of the following:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): We are proud to be able to provide physiotherapy services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). All our physiotherapists are able to provide physiotherapy services to those with NDIA (Agency) managed, Self Managed or Plan Managed funds through NDIS.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) If you have been referred to Familyphysio under the DVA scheme, please provide a D904 referral from your GP and your DVA Card, for the necessary paperwork to be completed. You can otherwise request your GP to refer you for physiotherapy under the DVA scheme.
  • Work Cover We accept all WorkCover patients. You must provide a WorkCover Medical Certificate to commence your treatment.
  • Private Patients We accept all private health insurance cards.
  • Medicare If you have been referred to our practice by your GP under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Program, (previously known as EPC) please inform our Reception Staff so that the necessary paperwork can be processed. (Medicare rebates apply only as referred by your GP under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM).
  • Compulsory Third Party Claims (CTP) – Please provide us with a valid medical certificate and the Insurer’s letter/paperwork to commence your treatment.

What We Stand For

Familyphysio makes a significant and positive impact on people’s lives through caring, healing and empowering.

We treat every patient with dignity and respect. Our physiotherapists believe that every patient is unique; therefore we do a thorough first evaluation to ensure we don’t only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the problem.
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Our Approach


Our medical professionals will ask you to explain your problem in as much detail as possible. After you’ve explained your problem, we’ll ask you few more details to clarify so we can get a better understanding of what you’re experiencing.


We’ll discuss previous Scans, MRI, sonars that may help exclude other structures involved. Our physiotherapist talks you through the reports & results and explain each word to ensure you understand the scope of your problem.

Screening & Testing

Now we’ll ask you to perform a set of movements or actions and give feedback on what you’re experiencing whether it be pain, stiffness, pressure or numb – we want to know. Our clinical minds will interpret the data from these tests and guide our thoughts to the cause of your pain and more importantly the extent of the damage to your tissue. With these screening & movement tests we are able to accurately pinpoint the problem.


Now we have a clear picture of what we’re dealing with. The core of effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis. We’ll explain our findings and give you our professional opinion on what’s the process going forward, recovery time, expected goals and milestones you ought to achieve.

Treatment & Advice

We will guide you through the whole process, no need to worry. At this stage we are able to provide you with sound advice on how to manage the pain and stage of healing. Our medical professionals can advise you what you should and shouldn’t do along with all the factors that may be making your pain worse.

Treatment Program

What’s best for your condition? Some may need exercises, stretches, dynamic mobilization and others may need to take it easy for a few days after a flare-up. So it depends on what stage of healing and recovery you are.

Follow Up

We’ll have to monitor your progress, to ensure you are achieving the goals? After your first session our medical professionals explain when we’ll meet up again. Some conditions resolve over 6-8 weeks, but others may require more frequent check-ups. Healing is a process… and we are here to guide you through it.

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